Daniel Sullivan, Suffolk Student
I have worked individually with dozens of trainers in preparation for, and during my Russian Kettlebell Certification. I have worked with numerous strength trainers in college and high school in addition to team coaches. I can say without hesitation that Chi has an approach that better assists me in achieving my goals than any of the aforementioned. When I first approached Chi, I sought to lose weight, gain cardiovascular endurance and muscular stamina to prepare for a Spring trek in Denali National Park. I was in decent shape at the time but my routine wasn’t focused. In less than two months he brought me into peak physical condition; but, in less than a week only, he had developed a program drawing from his vast kinesiological knowledge, which simultaneously prepared me for rock climbing, glacier travel, and skiing, all while wearing a 50+ pound pack at over 5,000 feet of elevation. Among the members of the group on the trek I had the most physical aptitude. I cannot speak for every other person on the trek, but I believe that my experience was the most enjoyable because I was able to adapt to a constantly changing environment better than the rest. From this description one might envision a trainer with the temperament and method of a drill instructor. I don’t think a drill instructor could have helped me prepare the way Chi did. Chi has a constantly positive and encouraging attitude. If you want to joke, he’s ready to joke around. He is always serious about training though. I am tall and lean and have not made serious gains in strength quickly in the past; Chi has found ways to adapt the program time and time again to make faster gains than I have ever made, and I am constantly surprising myself. I have never worked with a trainer that has had such a grasp on bringing out the athlete in any person.
David Jankilevitsch, Babson Student
Kim Mateus, Chief Content Officer at Mequoda Group, LLC
Meredith Otten, Entrepreneur
Joel Cutler, VC Partner
Melissa Mahoney, Photographer
Jeff Perricone, Student
Ghalib Alireza, Student
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